The real story after the last scandal of Meghan Markle, which turned out to be a lie

On 15 August Samantha posted it on her Twitter account his father would launch a men's linenews that went viral right away, it's not the first time Thomas Markle has tried it take advantage of fame Prince Harry's wife for financial gain.

"I am very excited about the launch of my father's men's line! We will keep you informed!" Read the tweet.

Meghan Markle unleashes controversy for showing an intimate piece of clothing, but this time the protocol broke?


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However, one day later, Samantha herself clarified that her tweet was part of an extended joke to prove how credulous the press might be.

"I joked about my father Thomas Markle would launch a new clothing line and it went viral! Just an example of the media being dragged along by a story that does not verify at all. I did this to show that the media is printing everything! Stop being so gullible. & # 39;

& # 39; With all due respect, but it is not just Meghan. We have the right to share thisNobody in the media will refuse to talk about royalty's and as a family we are not subject to the actual protocol. I do not think something is wrong there, we do not harm anyone, "he told Good Morning Britain in July.

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