What a horror! Jerry Rivera suffered a brutal fall and was admitted to the hospital in Ecuador [VIDEO]

One of the singers that millions of fans of salsa love most is the Puerto Rican singer Jerry Rivera, who was not lucky in his last performance in Guayas province, Ecuador.

The Puerto Rican appeared in the night of August 25, during the start of his presentation in the contest of the Queen of the Wonder, and as you can see on the photo 's fell off the stage.

Everything happened when Jerry started his presentation and he seemed to be mounted on a mobile platform that helped them to ascend.

A few meters from the artist will reach the platform, the mobile platform collapses and causes a serious fall for the salsa singer.

In the images you hear the cry of shock that caused the moment to the public and while security personnel ran to the stage.

the musicians on stage stop their instruments and focus their gaze on where Rivera fell.

The saddest thing was that day and at that place the salsero first went to sing to his audience his last song Mira & # 39; and what he did with Yandel.

The singer Salsa was transferred to a local health center. In another clip, Rivera was seen on a stretcher by paramedics and police officers. The state of health of the artist is still unknown.

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