This week we knew that The Big Bang Theory, one of the most popular television comedy's in history, ends at the end of the next season. It will be in May 2019 when we stop seeing on our screens Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and company. In this way comes an end that, with 279 episodes, the series will be longest multi-camera comedy in history from television.

We speak, and it is fair to remember, the most watched comedy of current television (and by far) and a fiction that has been received more than 50 Emmy nominations. It is a sitcom that counts millions of its fans and that is, despite its multiple flaws, in the Olympus of the comedy alongside productions such as friends, How I met your mother, The office or Frasier Why does it end? The Big Bang Theory?

It is clear that, as we say, the problem is usually not the usual, the public. Nor, despite the fact that the hard negotiations on the distribution are known, the exorbitant salaries (they are reversed) up to $ 10 million per episode) influenced the decision. As told from Deadline, the chief architect behind the end of the fiction is exactly Sheldon Cooper or, to be precise, his interpreter Jim Parsons.

Perhaps the most surprising of all is it so unexpected and unexpected way to communicate it for the rest of the cast and the workers of fiction; in Deadline they explain that it was yesterday, the day the whole world learned, when Chuck Lorre, co-creator and producer of the series, had the whole cast assembled in his office. After the first stupor, Jim Parsons takes the floor and He announced that he would not go further in the series after the next season. Moments later Lorre noticed that, consequently, The Big Bang Theory it played until the end.

The co-creator, who knew the actor's decision since last Friday, always said that the series could not continue without its three main pillars, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, but even more when we talk about what is the most recognized and essential face of the brand. Parsons, yes, has given no specific reason after such a thoughtful decision but, as is often the case, you may have to go to the restlessness to take on new creative challenges and continue to grow in the areas of film and theater.

certainly, We will know more about this in the coming months but there will always be the consolation that, instead of wanting to continue to benefit from its specific golden hen, CBS will not replace Sheldon Cooper and give a worthy end to the long fiction. Jim Parsons and the team of the series have shared one emotive missive on Instagram, focused on their association, almost familiar, and on the journey of fiction.