A dangerous outbreak of cholera arrived in South America: the origin is unknown

the Government of Chile reported an alarm on Friday for an outbreak of cholera that develops in Santiago, said the minister at a press conference Ministry of Health, Paula Daza. "We warn the population because 13 cases of cholera have been reported in two months," the hierarch said. He clarified that this outbreak is not the case toxigene, which means that it is not the type of cholera that causes a high mortality or epidemic.

However, he explained that the government decided to give a warning so that the population of Santiago takes more precautions and prevents gastrointestinal infections. "We call for very good washing and cooking, especially fruit, vegetables and sea fish, you have to take all suitable preventive measures to prevent diseases of this type," he added.

The undersecretary said that the 13 people are being treated in different ways health centers of Santiago and that they all evolved favorably. They are all adults, usually almost 50 years old.

"These people do not live in the same neighborhoods of Santiago, so there is no common source, so we have not yet been able to find the unified source of causality," he said.

Cholera is one gastrointestinal infection which, in its most severe manifestation and without the corresponding care, causes death by dehydration.

Chile has been free of cholera since 1991, but in some cases, such as in 2011 and 2013, a number of outbreaks have been observed similar to what currently exists, reported the international news agency Sputnik.

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