Are you worried about stretch marks? Eye for the tips to prevent this appearance on the skin

Stretch marks are a form of abnormal scars resulting from the continuous and progressive stretching of the skin in which the collagen and elastin fibers break, resulting in linear and serpentine lesions with a whitish or violet color.

They are often located in the chest, abdomen, hips and thighs.

Although they are rarely the cause of a significant medical problem, they are a source of aesthetic discomfort with great psychological consequences for those who suffer from it.

The professional, Luz Marina Díaz, indicates that you should avoid sudden weight gain and follow a balanced diet, it is also important to keep the skin hydrated at all times, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day and consume collagen supplements the risk of suffering reduces striae, without there being a clear way to avoid them, because it depends on the quality of the existing collagen fibers.

Striae can not be permanently removed, but there are several treatments that can soften it by improving the coloring, texture and appearance of the skin. One of the most effective treatments and the best result is the fractionated CO2 laser, which generates a stimulus in the production and remodeling of collagen and elastin, which improves the appearance.

Types of stretch marks

1. Those who appear during puberty, the main cause are hormonal and physical changes. They usually appear on the buttocks.

2. They appear on expulsion. They are fairly common in people who lose weight or vice versa.

3. Those who appear as a result of atrophies. They occur mainly in athletes and are caused by breakage or stretching of the fibers, due to the increase in muscle mass

4. Those who appear through pregnancy. These have their cause in pregnancy, hormonal, usually appear in the abdomen or flanks.

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