Drug "Mono Powder" ensures that people jump out of buildings and throw themselves into traffic [VIDEO]

21 August 2018 12:15.

Worse every day. the drug known as "monkey dust" has caused people to jump buildings, bite others, throw themselves into traffic and even end up in homes where strangers are shot or blown up by the owners.

According to the police this medicine has become popular in the West Lowlands region, in England.


The "monkey dust" is one drug a class B drug – a classification given by the British parliament, which includes amphetamines, barbiturates, codeine, marijuana, cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids, which have been in circulation for several years.

This medicine ensures that people jump from buildings and throw themselves into traffic. But now Stoke's emergency services are afraid that their use is becoming an epidemic.

The drug prevents consumers from feeling pain and hallucinations, which makes them very unpredictable and can keep their effects lasting for days.

"You see someone who consumes 'monkey dust', wiggling his arms, screaming and screaming. [Por la noche] that made me terrified, "says a 19-year-old cook in the UK.


This one drug costs $ 2.5 per bag, it is said that "monkey fabric" is very popular among the homeless community.

A man who calls himself Smithy, 31 years old, has digested him for a year. He has trouble sleeping and says that this is one of the most powerful drugs he has tried.

"I hate that I like it, I hate it every time I use it, but I still do it," he says. "It is everywhere, there are many people who consume it."


Jeff Moore, chief of police in Staffordshire, says that they have received 950 calls in the last three months regarding the drug.

"We often see paranoia: examples of people jumping in traffic, climbing bridges and tall buildings, entering people's houses," he explains.

"From the point of view drugs, This is the worst we have seen. Not only for the consumption of the medication itself, but also because it endangers the safety of others. "

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