Free HIV testing, the Department of Health and Fonade offers to the LGBTI and PID population

Thanks to the agreement with the Financial Development Fund (Fonade), through the World Bank, the Ministry of Health (SDS) succeeded in the first half of this year to conduct 5,302 free rapid HIV tests for men who have sex with men (MSM), TRANS women (MTRANS) and people who inject drugs (PID), prioritized populations for prevention and early diagnosis of the disease.

These screenings were performed in various public spaces such as the bike path, the university environments and gay socialization sites such as bars, video shops and gay saunas at the six locations where the entity (Chapinero, Teusaquillo, Barrios Unidos, Suba, Engativá and Usaquén).

April with 844, May with 1.052 and June with 1.788 were the months in which the test was most practiced by people who are part of these populations. They were followed by March, February and January with 826, 655 and 137 respectively.



According to the SDS, the pre-test, post-test, blood sample collection and rapid test reading takes about 45 minutes. In the case of a positive result, the Northern Sub-Network sends the patient to the health services with which it is connected to confirm the diagnosis with an ELISA test (one of the most effective to detect the Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and, subsequently, Follow -up to verify that people who are reactive start their corresponding medical treatments. 86 cases tested positive in these six months.

In addition, 6,421 packages of preventive education were delivered between June and June in sexually transmitted diseases, containing nine condoms, a lubricant and informative pieces. Between May and June, 2,803 people were provided, months with the largest spread.

"For the development of this strategy, a trained team of nursing assistants was available for rapid tests and pre- and post-HIV counseling, and for the approach of these communities was supported by LGBTI organizations, such as the Colectivo Hombres Hombres Gay, "explains Nancy Rodríguez, coordinator of the agreement.

Anyone who is interested in a quick test and knows more information can write to the mail [email protected] or call cell 301 5463492.

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