How to restore the health of your hair after the rest days?

The hair suffers during the holidays and the appearance has changed as a result of the dehydration caused by the sun's rays, ultra violet, which penetrate the cuticles and weaken the follicular units.

The main recommendation is to maintain the necessary capillary hydration, which varies between 15 and 17%, to prevent the damage caused by the lack of water in the hydrolipid layer. As a result, the hair becomes rough and dry. (You may be interested: six homemade masks for a radiant and healthy hair)

To restore the health of the hair, Dr. Horacio Foglia, medical director of Medical Hair Spain, gives the following tips to recover the amount of lost water to restore the elasticity and natural moisture of the hair:

1. Use shampoos without parabens or sulphates.

2. Reduce the use of heating elements to prevent dehydration of the hair. The application of heat directly and continuously at high temperatures reduces hair quality by damaging the root. (Also read: The 10 worst things you can do with your hair)

3. Wash the hair with warm water.

4. Cut the hair to heal the tips in a way that allows their growth.

5. A good diet is essential to get a strong and healthy hair. The proteins with a high biological value improve the growth of healthy and strong hair in the medium and long term. On the other hand, vegetables, avocado, red fruit or citrus fruits have folic acid that strengthens the roots of the hair, promoting growth.

6. Apply solar oil once a weekby working it all night, the hair becomes stronger. (Do not stop reading: how do you have a luxurious hair in six steps?)

Keep in mind that curly hair, which is usually thicker, dries out in a longer period than smooth hair, which is thinner and is quickly changed.

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