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Ig Nobel Prizes: the most absurd scientific studies of 2018 | Science Medicine world

The spread of science through humor. That is the goal of celebrities Ig Nobel Prizes, made by the magazine "Anales de Investigaciones Improbables". This year they chose the ten again scientific studies most unequal to 2018, including the use of stamps to know if the penis has had an erection or the benefits of doing an autocolonoscopy.

The last delivery was celebrated this Thursday at the University of Harvard in Cambridge (United States). The absolute winner of the 28th edition of the Nobel Prize parody was the Japanese physician Akira Horiuchi for describing in a medical report of the colonoscopy he himself performed. "In our personal experience, autocolonoscopy proved not only possible, but also simple and efficient", concludes Horiuchi in his work, which has earned the prize in the Medical Education category.

The ten most diverse IgNobel

They are real studies, but their approaches and conclusions seem like a joke. Another glory of "genius" is that of the urologists who IgNobel or Reproductive Medicine. They used a number of stamps to check whether the penis has spontaneous erections during sleep, a common phenomenon in any healthy man. Several male volunteers carefully wrapped their penis in a sheet of stamps at bedtime. In the morning, if the dotted line had been cut, this meant that his penis worked "correctly."

While the award of medicine it has been taken by a team of United States for his lively method against kidney stones: riding a roller coaster. They tested 3D-printed kidney models on 20 trips in a Disney World attraction and discovered that the stones could be better spent on the rear wagons.
Why is this important? Every year countless patients go to emergency departments with severe pain from kidney stones. The only thing that helps is simply holding, operating, riding a roller coaster or bungee jumping.

In the category of anthropology the winner was a study showing that chimpanzees in zoos imitate human visitors as often as people imitate them. A duel of imitations between man and woman and primates.

While it IgNobel or Biology was for a rigorous study that ensures that more expert winemakers can identify the presence of a single fly in a wineglass.

In addition, Portuguese scientists have measured the extent to which human saliva is a good cleaning agent for dirty surfaces, which is why they have earned it. IgNobel de Química.

And an African team has calculated that the caloric intake of a human cannibalism diet is significantly lower than with other meat diets. Quiet! They have not devoured anyone, it is a study about the paleolithic. He has won in the category Nutrition.

That of economy a well thought-out study has been conducted satisfyingly that it is for employees to use voodoo dolls to take revenge on the boss.

In the category literature, a research team received a prize for demonstrating that most people who use complicated products do not read the instructions.

Long live science!

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