Less often, but deadly lymphoma

Ciudad Juárez– The Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) called on the general population to attend their regular consultation to discover lymphoma, the cancer with the lowest incidence in the city, but also fatal.

"The lymphoma does not hurt, but starts to grow like an acute inflammation: When someone gets sick of the throat or is heard by a viral or bacterial infection, the ganglia swell of the neck, the tonsils grow and that area hurts, "stated Óscar Rafael Contreras, supervising doctor of Epidemiology in the Juarez Zone of the IMSS.

The IMSS celebrated Saturday, September 15, the World Lymphoma Day, and reported yesterday that this type of cancer is considered one of the least aggressive, with the least incidence and that allows the most appropriate detection for its control.

"The best way to prevent illnesses is to avoid bad dietary habits and addictions, make good use of leisure time, and do exercises, actions that get the population right, and generally the Prevenimss- program. ", he advised.

They ask to be alert for symptoms

Another measure – and the most important one – is to get the habit of going to the doctor on a regular basis.

He explained that the legitimate beneficiary can detect a lymphoma in time, which looks like small balls in the neck, armpits or groin.

In addition to symptoms such as fever, excessive sweating and loss of four to five kilos of weight per month, which are characteristic of the disease caused by the abnormal degeneration of lymphoid cells, derived from cells (lymphocytes) T or B.

"These are warning signs that require urgent specialized attention to rule out that it is a lymphoma or other malignant tumor," Contreras said.

He specified that lymphomas can develop at any age and in any part of the body, because the lymphocytes are part of the blood and circulate throughout the body, so there are conjunctiva, eyeball, palate and bone lymphomas, stomach, chest and others. (Luz del Carmen Sosa / El Diario)


• Fatigue

• Fever and broken shivers

• Unexplained itching all over the body

• Inception

• Cold sweating with weeks

• Painless inflammation of the lymph nodes of the neck, armpits or groin

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