Plant discovered in Amazonas kills cancer cells

A study shows that a plant in the Amazon region can kill human cancer cells and produce toxicity for tumors.

This is the plant Vismia baccifera that is collected in the Amazon region of Colombia and has "the largest antitumor capacity" in several plants of the Amazon, according to a study by a group of scientists from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU).

"We decided to use it because it was the one that produced the most toxicity for the tumor cells of the liver," Dr. said. Jenifer Trepiana, author of the research, to the Spanish news agency Efe on Sunday.

In the development of the information, Trepiana explained that by increasing the free radicals, the plant in question "blocks the death caused by the cell cycle".

Vismia baccifera is used by indigenous peoples because of its anti-inflammatory ability to cure diseases of the urinary tract and skin diseases.

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