Puebla has been free of rabies for 18 years

As part of the World Day against Rabies commemoration, the government of Tony Gali, through the Puebla State Department (SSEP) under the leadership of Arely Sánchez Negrete, confirms its commitment to continue with the actions that remain free. to the condition of that disease.

As a result of the systematized work of the health sector, the entity has not registered a single case of rabies in humans in 18 years and in the last decade the disease has not occurred in the population of cats and dogs.

This is possible thanks to the opportune actions taking place in the 217 municipalities, such as the National Week of Strengthening Canine and Feline Anti-Rabies Vaccination, which in its second annual phase, which ends on September 29, will be more than 319 applied one thousand doses.

During this period, the health centers for dogs and cats between 3 and 6 months require a dose of reinforcement, as well as the pets that receive their annual revaccination.

It is important to emphasize that, by the field of zoonoses, the veterinarians of the SSEP also sterilize for days with dog and cat, to promote responsible ownership of pets.

Together with the services offered by this unit free of charge, it is recommended to visit a veterinarian regularly duly accredited for additional care and adequate control of the health of domestic animals, and to check whether the medicines have been approved by the health secretariat. .

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