Rapid HIV / AIDS screening tests are applied in the National Institute

In the context of Second HIV / AIDS prevention grant, performed in dependencies of the National Institute, the Seremi de Salud RM, Rosa Oyarce, promoted and informed about the school community self-care strategies and sexual behavior safe, wherever Rapid HIV / AIDS detection tests were applied to the students who needed it.

On the occasion, the Organization Chili Positivo facilitated rapid tests and also supported professionals and volunteers who applied the test.

They also participated in the fair Savia Foundation, AcciónGay, Margen Foundation and the indigenous association Kiñe Pu Liwen. On behalf of the intersector, the National Youth Institute (Injuv), the National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption (Senda) and the Ministry of Education of the municipality have cooperated.

The rapid test is a tool that is included in the new national HIV / AIDS plan, launched by the Ministry of Health, that wants to detect early and safely, completely free of charge, without the need for a medical order, the disease. They have conducted a verification study by the ISP's AIDS section and current sensitivity parameters of 100% and specificity of ≥95%.

The situation is of concern to the health authorities In the past year, 5,816 cases of HIV-AIDS were detected in our country, which exceeded more than 96% of the detected cases in 2010.

The risk group most affected by statistics is that of people aged between 15 and 25, representing 19.8% of the new cases. "Therefore, these prevention initiatives reinforce the sex education programs of the schools, because they are health professionals who provide consultancies and educate adolescents," said La Seremi.

"Today," he added, "we also offer you the opportunity to perform a quick test, completely confidential result, that has the support of our professionals who guide students and their families.

Rosa Oyarce has worked on the prevention of HIV / AIDS and other STIs, with a series of workshops for 8th grade, first and second year students with the aim to raise awareness about the subject.

In this context, the Center for Information and Support for the Social Prevention of HIV / AIDS (Criaps) of the Health Seremi Prevention Fairs, where direct information is provided to the entire student community with the delivery of brochures, condoms and techniques. for proper use, in addition to the presence of "Condonito" as playful support in this activity aimed at civil society, teachers and authorities of the educational institution.

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