San Miguel Governación conducts vaccination day due to increase in cases of dengue | News from El Salvador

The Prados colony, in the city of San Miguel, was the place chosen by the authorities to begin the mosquito-borne mosquito repellent route for dengue and other diseases, carried out by the Ministry of Health with the support of government institutions and local private universities. .

To this end, a team of 100 people, including government employees and university students, was used to visit the colony to provide abbot, fumigate and awareness to the residents to store their batteries and containers – where they store water – and free of larvae. zancudos.

Milagro de Cortez, a resident of La Prados, said that the mosquitoes were upset with the last showers, for which he thanked them for spraying his house and letting him take it away.

Migueleña said she was trying to comply with the recommendations of previous occasions, which consisted of washing the walls of her pile of bleach and refreshing the water at least twice a week. "The good thing is that the children did not get sick and we did not have any cases of adults with dengue in this passage," he said in his house.

The coordinator of the Basic System for Integral Health (SIBASI) in San Miguel, Clara Orellana, indicated that the actions to eradicate dengue, chikungunya and zika are carried out step by step and include the community phase that took place yesterday. Morning in the Prados district, with interventions for promotion, prevention and communication in the field of health in every home.

Then come the institutional, school, municipal and domicile phases, with which the intention is to involve the entire population of Miguelen with the aim of eradicating the sending mosquito.

There are 160 suspected cases of dengue in the San Miguel department. Four of dengue were of the severe type in Lolotique, San Miguel and Chinameca; of zika there were 11 cases, and of chik, 14.


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