Scientists discover a micro-organism that acts on the immune system

A study published in the Nature Communications portal describes the discovery of a new micro-organ & # 39; in the human immune system, the discovered structure is responsible for remembering vaccines to fight disease.

Researchers at the Institute of Medical Research at Garvan, Australia, indicated that this discovery was initially a thin and flat structure found in the immune system of mice, adding that it is only visible when our bodies are willing to fight against an infection.

The micro-organ is strategically located outside the lymph nodes to detect early damage to the body, "if you fight bacteria that can double in number every 20 or 30 minutes, every moment counts," said Tri Phan, author of the study at Newsweek. .

"The micro-organ was identified by an advanced microscopy technique called two-photon intravital microscopy," the scientist added. This 3D technique allows you to make "films" of the immune system in real time while taking slices of lymph nodes.

According to the researchers, this discovery can help to produce better vaccines in the future and added that "Vaccination trains the immune system so that it can quickly produce antibodies when the infection reappears, until now we did not know how and where this process took place."

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