Scientists discover the rose hip neuron that would be exclusively for humans

A new neuron, located in the cerebral cortex, was discovered by researchers from the University of Szeged (Hungary) and the Allen Institute for Brain Science (USA), according to a journal publication Neuroscience.

Is about the rose hip neurons, They are named after their resemblance to the plant, the most important feature being that, apparently, they are exclusive of the human species.

When I try to find that neuron In the brain of the mice, the most similar to the human brain, no similarity was found. Also not with other species. "Our brains are not just the brains of enlarged mice"he emphasized chief scientist Trygve Bakken, belonging to the Allen Institute team.

Researchers still do not understand what these neurons could do in the human brain; but its absence in the mouse indicates how difficult it is to model human brain diseases in laboratory animalssaid neuroscientist Gábor Tamás of the University of Szeged.

"In 2018, a group of Hungarian and North American researchers will discover that there is a new type inhibitory neuron. The function is not known, but the fact that it could not be found in other animals postulates the hypothesis that this is a real human cell"He said Elmer Huerta, Medical advisor of RPP, in the program The Rotary of the Air.

Another special feature of this new cell is that it belongs to the group of inhibitory neurons; that is, those who "stop" it excitation neurons that constantly produce electricity.

Elmer Huerta makes a comparison between these two Neural groups: He compared the car traffic of a city with the excitation neurons and the traffic lights with the braking. "This has never been discovered before"He stressed.

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