The campaign for the prevention of syphilis and ETS starts • Diario Democracia

In the context of his responsibility in the the appearance of the health, the urban hospital "Felipe A. Peláez" performed it staff what they wanted, testing serological tests to detect syphilis (VDRL).
The VDRL exam is done via a simple one exam to the blood. For the realization of this it is recommended to fast 4 hours, and the result of the exam usually lasts about 7 days.
The realization of this exams It is the beginning of one campaign of dissemination and prevention, which will be extended to educational institutions, about the care to be taken into account for this and other diseases transmission sexual.
The tests of diseases Sexually transmitted diseases are fast, simple and generally do not hurt. There is no test for everyone diseases sexual transmission: every ETS has its own test. the doctor can help determine what testing They are what the person needs.

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