The Dadis confirm 49 cases of measles in Cartagena Dadis confirms 49 cases of measles in Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

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According to the latest Administrative Department of Health (Dadis) report, there are 49 cases of confirmed measles in Cartagena, while the National Institute of Health (INS) reports, from September 30 to October 5, 43 confirmed cases, 84 discarded and a further 39 are under study, for a total of 166 cases, while in Bolívar 8 cases of confirmed measles are removed, 18 are removed and 4 are under study, according to INS data.

That is why both the Dadis and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection continue to work hand in hand in campaigns to make the population, particularly parents and caregivers of children, aware of the 65 vaccination points in the entire city. Attention is from Monday to Friday, between 8 a. M. And 3 p. m.

These vaccines are free, even for Venezuelan children who are in town. However, it is clear that this problem is not only due to Venezuelan migration, but Cartagena also has a particular risk of being a tourist city.

"The only way to really protect against measles is by being vaccinated, especially our children who are vulnerable, so we remind you that the vaccine against measles is the triple viral that is applied at the time you the age of one year and its reinforcement at five years to reach immunity, these vaccines are free, "said Antonio Sagbini, director of Dadis.

However, since most cases of measles in children were younger than one year, no dose was available.

"But we also have a dose of measles vaccine for children aged 6 to 11 months, who were sent by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection to protect the little ones.This dose of vaccine was not previously in the vaccination schedule and therefore all children aged 6 to get the vaccine up to 11 months, "the official said.

He added that "it is completely free, that's why you have to use it and want to vaccinate this population en masse.As this dose was not earlier in the vaccination schedule and now, the vaccine is called the zero dose".

Although more than 100 vaccines have been placed in the city, the Dadis' invitation to the population is that they will not wait until they arrive at their house to apply the vaccines, but go to the vaccination points and not get measles.

Two possible cases of dengue

Although the Dadis claimed that it has checked the dengue in Cartagena, it will investigate the two suspicious cases in Villas de Aranjuez to make a road map. In the meantime, do not ask citizens to lower their surveillance, because Cartagena is an endemic area, especially in this rainy season, where there is more chance of mosquitoes brooding in stagnant water.

"The message is destruction for all types of breeding sites, people need to help prevent dengue at home," said the health authority.

There are 132 cases of dengue in Cartagena plus 6 serious cases for a total of 138. In Bolívar there are 323 cases and 5 serious cases for 328 in total. According to the latest INS report, the city and the department are alert in the country.

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