The frightening and very dangerous sexual game

There is a new modality of the game called & # 39; Russian roulette & # 39; that became popular again among young people. This time it is an extreme experience where participants forget every condom to have sex.

This habit, which was a trend in the United States and now in Latin America, is to meet a group of people unknown in a closed space, with the slogan that the stimulus is to invite a person infected with HIV. Nobody is aware of the identity of the person who is ill.

Participants arriving at the site must remove their clothing. Men are organized in a circle in the middle and women are made of it and to the rhythm of the music they each have to dance for a different side. At the moment the song stops, the two people must have unprotected sex in front of each other.

If the man ejaculates or the woman has an orgasm, they are eliminated. So the dynamics are repeated until it wins the longest without reaching the climax.

To find out more about this practice that has alerted the health authorities of different countries, spoke with the sexologist at the University of Barcelona Fernando Rosero, explaining the risks that this sexual game entails.

"The risk is dimensioned in the possibility of incurring an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease in all participants of the game," including HIV, gonorrhea and the human papillomavirus, among others.

Another objection from the expert is that if one of the participants already has a venereal disease and they treat him to improve, by no healthy lifestyle, complications can be greater.

For the doctor, this kind of entertainment that young people bring to another point has to do with a psychological component. What is typical for them is that they can use a certain type of medicine or alcohol when taking these types of risky risks.

"The main recommendation is that you can not jeopardize your life, awareness that sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy are for the rest of life and that this does not compensate for a risky practice. activity is playful, interesting and attractive, it is not worth getting that through exposure and a bad experience, "said Fernando Rosero.

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