The municipality started the campaign against Measles and Measles

The application is intended for children from 13 months to 4 years and is free in all hospitals and municipal health centers.

As part of the National Vaccination Campaign against Measles and Measles, the Health Secretariat of the municipality is working to facilitate access to free vaccination for children between 13 months and 4 years.

In this sense you can reach one of the health centers and hospitals of the district until 30 November. It is not necessary to have a medical order and it is even used when they have the vaccination card at hand, because they have to receive an extra dose of triple viral. In the case of the Thompson hospital, they are given in the vaccination schedule from 7 to 13.

This initiative is intended to prevent outbreaks of these two diseases that have been eradicated from the country thanks to the validity of the national calendar of free and compulsory vaccination.

Measles is a feverish eruptive disease that can occur at all ages, but is more severe in children younger than 5 years or undernourished. It can cause severe respiratory complications such as pneumonia, central nervous system diseases, meningoencephalitis, blindness, among others.

Rubella is a viral disease that can occur in adults and children. However, if a sensitive pregnant woman is exposed, this can lead to fetal and neonatal death.

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