They heal wounds without leaving scars thanks to a secret in the skin of the pad

Scientists have certainly discovered that proteins obtained in the shell of a kind of pad can regenerate the human dermis after a wound and without leaving scars. According to the official agency Xinhua, the finding was about a subspecies living in the southwest of China.

Scientists from the Kunming Institute of Zoology, who belong to the Chinese Academy of Sciencesthey discovered that egg whites who form the make-up pores in the skin of this pad have the function of repairing the tissue and this can be used in humans.

"The repairs to the wounds must also be free of scars the risk of damage to physiological functions is reduced, something that can have deadly consequences, "explained Zhang Yun, leader of the group of researchers.

The substance is not only useful for scarring of wounds, but also helps to reduce traumatic edema, protect the wound from bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

The formation of tissue healing It arises as a result of wound repair and sometimes leads to aesthetic problems.

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