They made a ranking of the most "lazy" countries when it comes to physical activity

The physical activity of one in four adults in the world is too scarce. This is shown by a new study by four experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), which was published in the journal The Lancet Global Health in early September.

Experts used data from 358 surveys conducted in 168 countries and after analyzing the responses of about 1.9 million respondents, they have come to the conclusion that more than 1.4 billion adults in the world they run the risk of developing diseases related to lack of physical activity, presenting a situation that needs to be addressed "urgently".

The results of the study have shown that the & # 39; most vague & # 39; countries are in the Middle East and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are, like American Samoa, without American territory. -In these four countries more than half of the inhabitants do not exercise enough exercise, while the most energetic & # 39; country is Uganda, where only 5.5% of the population is not active enough.

In the following infographic you can see in which countries a lack of required physical activity was observed in 2016. The experts have carried out calculations based on each region and income level, for which they have chosen countries from different regions of Asia, Africa, the West, Latin America and the Caribbean and Oceania.

According to WHO recommendations, adults aged 18 to 64 should spend at least 75 minutes each week on the practice of vigorous aerobic exercise or 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of intense and moderate activities.

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