This Saturday dog ​​and cat vaccination

The Ministry of Health gets 21 positions in the different neighborhoods, so that more than 1500 pets between dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies. The day runs from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and the vaccine is free.

"The invitation is for all neivanos of this area so that they vaccinate their animals, if you do not have the card you can participate in the day, pets are vaccinated from two months, the most important thing is to get them vaccinated. rabies is applied every year and is extremely important because rabies is serious and both animals and people infected can die from this disease, "said Felipe Hernández, veterinarian at the Neiva health secretariat.

Vaccination posts for the municipality 3

Rojas Trujillo on 25th Street with 1G career; El Lago, José Eustasio Rivera on 23rd Street 7B-01; Chapinero, at the school of Santa Librada; Campo Núñez, in the park in front of the church of Perpetuo Socorro; Tenerife, in the Martha Tello park; De Toma, in firefighters; Under Tenerife, in race 13 No. 25A-59; Quirinal, in the Leesburg Park; The Star, in the street 6 with race 25; Las Delicias, in the store of 24; Pablo VI, in the ICBF and Altico, in the school Ángel María Paredes.

Vaccination posts for the municipality 4

Diego de Ospina, in the educational institution Rodrigo Lara Bonilla; Quebraditas, in race 7 with street 2; The martyrs, in the park; Altico, in the Park of the Journalists; San Pedro, on the square; Urdaneta Arbeláez, in the stadium; Center, in the Civic Plaza; Alcid squares on 25th street with race 1; square of the municipal mayor, and for the city council.


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