A policeman was killed and another wounded left shooting in Aguachica

Patrol Luis Fernando Pantoja Martínez and a colleague were shot dead in the Villa Paraguay near Aguachica, Cesar, on Saturday night, when they came to attend a fight after the order of their superiors.

Pantoja, aged 33, died early this Sunday due to six shots that were hit in different parts of the body.

The Blu radio station quoted witnesses who stated that when the agent arrived at the site, it was allegedly shot down by one of the subjects that led the quarrel with a group of people with whom he drank liquor.

According to the Quintopoder portal, the other uniformed was injured, after being hit by a motorized vehicle and being attacked by a woman. After the fact that four people were arrested and two firearms were confiscated.

A committee of the CTI of the plaintiff's prosecutor's office moved and carried out the technical inspection of the body, while evidence was gathered to be sure of what really motivated the attack

Luis Fernando Pantoja Martínez was born in Montería , Córdoba, and father of three children, was half a year in Aguachica, moved from Medellín and with 11 years in the institution.

The police statement: [19659003] 1. At 5:40 am by phone they inform the National Police that they are near Villa Paraguay, street 45. # 10 N 37, with a firearm shooting, the patrol of the quadrant 7 arrives immediately at the location. .

2. On arrival at the site the police found a group of people chatting on the public road, informing them that they were going to do a search, a woman took a bag and threw it into a house, when they tried to verify this situation, attacked the uniforms with shots.

3. There is an exchange of recordings with this group of people, where the patrol Luis Fernando Pantoja Martínez receives 6 impacts from a firearm; similarly, his patrol partner is also injured, hit by a motorcyclist and beaten by a woman.

4. In case, two persons are injured with a firearm and a woman with lacerations

5. When the patrols arrived in support of the site, they proceeded to re-take control, transfer the wounded to welfare centers, capture 4 people and confiscate 2 firearms.

6. Upon the transfer to receive medical assistance, Mr. Patrullero died of Pantoja, due to the multiple injuries.

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