According to registers, 16,703 members of the health system are older than 100 years

The discovery was made by the manager of the sources of the general system of social security in health care, which is debugging the databases of the system to improve its functioning.

The previous population data had never produced more than a hundred people than the 5,000 people in the country (reference picture).Pixabay

The manager of the sources of the general system of social security in health (Address) identified 16,703 members of the health care system with more than 100 years, according to the date of birth available in the system databases.

However, only the 25% of these people register a medical indication in 2016, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

According to the information collected by this entity, of these presumed patients, the 93% is between 100 and 110 years old, 6% between 111 and 120 years and 1% in more than 121 years.

The majority of these affiliates are located in the Caribbean coast, with 62%. Only Cordoba and Sucre concentrate 31% of the stores there.

In addition, from the total of one hundred and over 15,026 received the subsidy from the state through their affiliation with the subsidized healthcare system and just over half of them, they are affiliated to the EPS Share, Coosalud, Mutual Ser, Asmet Salud and AMBUQ.

On the other hand, in the contributing health system there are 1,677 of these more than 100 years old, which are usually registered as beneficiaries and not as contributors.

In view of the figure, Address asked the EPS to verify the information and confirmed "the status of the user, if it really exists, if it dies, if it receives health services or if it is an error in the person's date of birth".

And by comparing the data with other official figures, the figures do not match. For example, the 2014 figures from the Colombian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics indicated that there are approximately 5000 people in Colombia who are over 100 years old. In the same year, however, the Regeling individual registers of healthcare services (RIPS) revealed that in total one 3,390 centenarians in the country.

Nevertheless, more recent data, such as those undermined in 2017 by the Misión Colombia Agatho study, found that in Colombia there are about 1,570 centenarians, of which 85% is female.

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