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After nearly 30 hours of disappearance, Barranquilla businessman Adolfo & # 39; Fito & # 39; Acosta sat back to his home in a taxi, which he paid with the 20,000 pesos his kidnappers gave him after he released him.

Apparently, the deployment of a whole operation led by both the Gaula police and the army put pressure on the kidnappers who released him, as she had left Katya Barros, his wife, who had also been, on Friday evening. was kidnapped on Friday morning when both went to work in the family business Metroarea, an industrial and commercial property in the Atlantic capital.

From the moment of the kidnapping, his eldest son, named Fito Jr., posted a video on social networks, in which he asked for information about the whereabouts of his parents, who were being evacuated from the truck in which they were on their way to take them away. with an unknown destination, leaving the vehicle at a spot in the middle, near Avenida Circunvalar.

The authorities were put on alert. Even the mayor, Alejandro Char, learned the situation and was attentive to the outcome of the investigation conducted by the Metropolitan Police and the Gaula Army.

According to the commander of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, General Mariano Botero Coy, there was a whole operation in all exits and entrances of the city "to prevent Mr Adolfo Acosta being transferred to another place in the region." Researchers from other parts of the country also came to cooperate with those who were in the square.

On Friday evening, Ms. Katya Barros appeared in a section of Barrio Abajo, who later arrived by taxi to her residence, where she met her children and other family members.

The woman was interrogated by the police that same evening. But the authorities maintained secrecy, perhaps because they did not want to impede the operations and monitoring to find those responsible for the abduction.

Mayor Char gave the part of the safe return of Mrs. Katya Barros to her residence to reunite with her family.

The officers in the city followed and every corner of it was searched by police investigators, Gaula police and Gaula army.

Everything seems to indicate that all this pressure would cause the kidnappers to release Adolfo Acosta, who reached his hometown in the afternoon hours of this Friday dressed in a polo shirt and a white bermuda.

Everyone in the house was happy, even Acosta jumped on one foot. The man with immense joy greeted each of his family, his wife, his children and even a baby kissing him on his forehead at that moment.

Acosta only arrived in the taxi and at that moment there were no policemen in his house. Only family members who started shouting: Fito, Fito, Fito, while making the trip in what appears to be the patio of the house.


After the euphoria of his safe homecoming, the businessman Adolfo Acosta appeared with a vest of the police gaula and next to him the police commander Mariano Botero Coy. There he spoke with the media and said that two of those who had kidnapped him Friday morning were dressed as police officers.

He told the media that there were five or six who intervened in the abduction. Two of them wore uniforms from the police who had attracted a wrong agent on the road. "They had cones, they had everything and even a vehicle they had there, but it was also part of the abduction."

He added that it seemed unusual for him to have an operation in the sector, "but because there are control points everywhere, he also agrees to cooperate with the police, I do not know what could happen there. one of the police is the one who pushes me behind the truck, stands up and lays the handcuffs around me and I noticed that he was very nervous ".

When asked how many people they were, he replied that "some guys come to us and three of them with me and my wife in the truck, someone who drives my truck and two more on the back." Two or three, I did not see it well because they immediately embraced me, they put handcuffs on me. "

He stressed that two of them were dressed in the police, "the rest were three or four people out there, reportedly in a vehicle that took the toll … the police were armed with the whole envelope. they were police officers with police motorcycles. & # 39;

When asked if a ransom was paid for his release, he cut it sharply by saying "if they have to talk about it, it's Gaula's police".

The businessman used the opportunity to thank the National Police for their release: "The Gaula group and all competent authorities who made this possible, so that I can be on the side of my wife and my children".

He told the media that the kidnappers never took him from Barranquilla and he believes they kept him close to the La Pradera district. "They released me in the neighborhood and gave me 20,000 pesos to go home."

As it has indeed happened. This Saturday he came home alone, where his family was waiting for him and without the authorities present, those who were there when the businessman appeared before the media to make statements, but this time with a vest and a hood that refers to the police Gaula.

It is expected that the national police will provide details in the coming hours about what happened to the kidnapping of the Acosta Barros family, which was released in a strange way, by the criminals. To the woman on Friday afternoon in the Barrio Abajo district and the man in a diametrically opposite point, in the La Pradera district.

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