Carlos Felipe Córdoba has added support as the new Comptroller – Politics

Carlos Felipe Córdoba, a 38-year-old Pereirano, professional in international relations and government of the Externado de Colombia University and without a pronounced militancy in a specific party, secured enough political support this Friday to be elected as a controller General of the Republic

Without any word in public about his ambitions, Córdoba successfully passed the technical tests of the Industrial University of Santander (UIS) by third place among all participants.

when the accidental committee of the Congress made the ten finalists possible, Córdoba won the second place.

This week she shot in their favor, one by one, the support of the main political parties with seats in the Congress.

First were the liberals. Last Tuesday the parties of this party met their boss, former president César Gaviria, and announced their support to the Pereira.

Two days after & # 39; the U & # 39; and Cambio Radical they also made their support public. . This was where the former Vice-President Germán Vargas Lleras intervened. With the support of those three parties and Córdoba was practically chosen.

We believe that Carlos Felipe Córdoba has the qualities to be an excellent inspector, and also offers the guarantees of seriousness and impartiality that this position requires

The step back [19659009] But yesterday afternoon the conservatives, who halfway the week had cast their vote in favor of ex-minister Wilson Ruiz, and decided to support it.

"After internal reflections and consultations led by former President Andrés Pastrana, the Conservative Party has decided to support Carlos Felipe Córdoba, in his efforts to be Comptroller-General of the Republic," did late yesterday conservatism officially announced.

New conservative vote

One it was the voice of the conservatives before the former president Andrés Pastrana arrived as the interlocutor of that community, and another later.

"We believe that Carl Felipe Cordoba has the qualities to be an excellent inspector, and also offers the guarantees of seriousness and impartiality that requires position" said the president of the Conservatives, Henran Andrade .

Although former president Álvaro Uribe tried to Last time to convince other parties to accept one of their own, but this work did not work.

Because there was no significant support for José Félix Lafaurie, one of the most representative candidates of the Democratic Center, this party yesterday had the decision practically ready to support Córdoba.

With the threatened support of the Democratic Center, Córdoba reaches the greatest possible consensus in the current Congress. Only the opposition sectors, which bring together the greens & # 39 ;, the Democratic Pool, the Farc and the Fairy List, would remain outside the support group for their candidacy. They have about 46 votes and meet next Monday, before the elections, to arrange their position.

Senator Victoria Sandino (of the Farc) said that although the opposition areas were clear about who did not vote (by no means by José Felix Lafaurie), on Monday they will meet to determine their voices.

The Congress of the Republic in plenary session is scheduled for this Monday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon with the aim to elect the person who assumes the responsibility to supervise the use of all state resources, at a time when the country is waging a heavy battle against corruption.


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