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The political and administrative meetings held in the El Nogal club by the then Minister of the Interior, Fernando Londoño Hoyos, and the fact that the Minister of Defense and now vice-president of the Republic, Marta Lucía Ramírez, often slept in their place , led to a "exacerbation of the risk that partners and employees were not obliged to support".

This was added to the situation of insecurity and commotion that the capital of the country lived because of possible attacks that would be planned by the guerrilla fighters.

These are some of the central arguments of the presentation of Judge Stella Conto that led to The third part of the Council of State yesterday condemned the nation for the car bomb attack of the FARC against the club El Nogal in February 2003, in which 39 people were killed and another 198 wounded.

In the decision, the municipal councilors pointed out that "the civilian population outside the conflict and protected by international law should not be exposed by the defendants, since the use of private club facilities has been established for institutional purposes."

Magistrate Conto pointed out that the social and cultural activities that took place in the club, located in the north of Bogotá, and another of the institutional meetings that took place there and that increased the risk.

even, the magistrate pointed out that the Club was aware of these facts and that the door was left open to investigate their responsibilities.

"In the ruling it was considered that it was necessary to analyze the extent of its responsibility, but there was no possibility to extend it to the point because the Club was not linked to the decision," the judge said.

The civilian population outside the conflict and protected by international law must not be exposed by the defendants

Similarly, the president of the Council of State, Germán Bula Escobar, asked the entities that were ordered to pay an integral compensation to the victims for moral and material damage, in particular the public prosecutor and the DAS, "They did not quickly process and verify information received about the threat of an attack that specifically pointed to the El Nogal clubHe added that the same club was negligent with regard to these notifications.

"It was stressed that the state of commotion was decreed and the difficult situation of public order in the country at that time obliged the authorities to take extreme measures to ensure the safety and protection of the civilian population," the Council said. from State.

In the sense, it is ordered that an artistic work be placed in the area where the attack was committed and that it is carried out "A public act of recovery where the presentation and initiation of the same takes place". Likewise, the statement will be sent to the Historical Memory Center, the Special Justice for Peace (JEP) and the Truth Commission "to document the memory and contribute to the elucidation of these historical truths."

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