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Dane confirms an increase in the aging rate in Caldas

To meet this trend, the departmental administration presented the new public social policy for the elderly 2018-2028

Manizales, September 5, 2018. Caldas the second department of Colombia, after Quindío, with the highest degree of aging, according to the Dane, approved for the next 10 years the public social policy for aging and old age: "Aging actively in Caldas with autonomy, integration and participation".

In Caldas there is 69.34% of people older than 60 for every 10 children under 15, DANE revealed. Older adults correspond to 18% of the population of Caldas.

This public policy was established through departmental decree 0176 of 31 August 2018, the result of a study by the University of Caldas in collaboration with the Ministry of Integration and Social Development of Caldas and the Territorial Health Directorate.

The guidelines are based on the strategic axes: environments, health, human talent and economic security, which are developed on the basis of action lines and strategic activities.

This policy is the whole of values, decisions and strategic actions led by the state, in co-responsibility with the family and society, who try to recognize the conditions and transform the situations in which inequalities exist which impede an active aging and influence quality of the lives of current and future elderly people.

The Secretary of Integration and Social Development of Caldas, Juan Felipe Álvarez Castro, said that the longevity in this area explains the quality of life of its inhabitants, the product of the investment of recent years with the collection of the stamp for mature elderly . With these funds, 3,358 people benefited from this population in 2017 to 4,926 in 2018, in the Day and Welfare Centers for Elderly people.

He assured that the public policy of aging that will lead the department to 2028, places the elderly as the center of attention for all the activities the department performs in its performance in the areas of health, infrastructure, inclusion, economic security, among others.

The Deputy Director of Public Health of Territorial Health, Diego Luis Arango Nieto, said: "It is important to emphasize the aims of this policy as: the full recognition of older adults, the guarantee of inclusion and protection of older adults, the promoting active and healthy aging, strengthening and implementing programs and projects, describing the different entities, both public and private. "

He concluded that the Adult Major Stamp will allocate resources that will ensure that this policy is complied with and that it is fully developed. The role of territorial health will consist in spreading the policy and giving the necessary elements to each group of elderly people, so that they demand knowledge, internalization, socialization and compliance.

The data
To date, 22 municipalities have received the contributions in 2018 from the Stamp and the remaining 5 are in the process of approval.

The figure
A total of 11,378. 162,868 pesos receive this year grandparents in extreme conditions of vulnerability to improve their quality of life, for the concept of stamp for mature seniors and mayors.

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