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The San Jerónimo de Montería hospital legalized the capture of boxer Luis Flórez Suárez, who was detained in the health center after having sustained injuries in various parts of the body, especially in the face. (Read here: Boxer was stabbed by a woman)

The story that took place in the municipality of Montelibano, south of Córdoba, lasted 180 degrees. While the Bolivarian boxer had indicated that he had been wounded by a woman with whom he had had a consensual sexual relationship, she accused him of sexual abuse and therefore a legal trial against him was opened.

According to the police commander of Cordoba, Colonel Jairo Baquero Puentes, the boxer is accused of having abused a 39-year-old woman who resisted and, as a result, a quarrel broke out. several people came to defend her and gave her 14 wounds with a knife.

When the incident occurred, Flórez was immediately transferred to the hospital in Montelíbano, where he received 100 stitches and was then transferred to a more complex care center, San Jerónimo de Montería Hospital, where he was placed at the disposal of the competent authority. , accused of alleged crimes against sexual integrity, for which they have ordered an insurance measure.

On the other hand, Oscar Rodríguez León, attorney in charge of the boxer, indicated that he would request the revocation of the security measure, because he believes there are serious contradictions in what happened, because the woman agreed to have sexual relations with the athlete.

He told that Flórez had a drink with a prosecutor's cousin and that he was leaving, so he decided to pick him up at his house to keep on drinking. It was then that he met the woman, and she opened the door for him. "The fence has not flown," repeated the lawyer, as some witnesses have pointed out.

He insisted that his client fall asleep and woke up when he was attacked by the woman, who accused them of causing the injuries, first in the ribs and then in the face.

Now the judge will be in charge of clarifying the situation in which the boxer was involved, who recently returned from Puerto Rico, where he had lost by knocking out his rival Danielito Zorilla.

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