First words by Pedrito Pereira as mayor of Cartagena THE UNIVERSAL

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Pedrito Pereira, appointed on Tuesday by President Iván Duque as mayor in charge of the city, has already given his first words. (Read here: Pedrito Pereira is appointed new mayor in charge of Cartagena)

The president thanked the conservative party for his name to integrate the list; and the national government, before taking the decision to elect him as mayor of Cartagena.

He is an ex-representative, former representative of the Chamber and lawyer of the University of Cartagena, and confirms that he will be mayor who promotes the Cartagena union.

"I'm not going to share, but to add." The time has come for Cartagena to overcome polarization, working together to meet the major challenges and challenges that we face, "Pereira said.

He added that he will implement the government program that has reached the majority of the population of Cartagena in the recent elections.

To work

Pedrito Pereira said he will be president of the Cartagena in the short time, that is, until December 2019, before the mayor of Cartagena will work to restore institutional normality, leadership and the ability to achieve results.

This will do it through 4 great goals:

* The efficiency and transparency of administrative management
* Security and coexistence of citizens
* The reduction of poverty
* Economic reactivation

The mayor said he will present the action plan in the coming days to fulfill each of the goals.

It should be recalled that Pereira was chosen after Duque had evaluated the short list sent by the Conservative Party, which also consisted of Antonella Farah Louis and Óscar Javier Torres.

And also study the answers the triptych gave to a questionnaire that was held in a private interview last Friday. He considered 20 questions about city and government issues.

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