Ghostly punishment "for violo": authorities, after traces of frightening crime in Medellín

Macabre was the find that was made in the most recent hours at the height of the village of El Reposo in the Belén Rincón district of Medellín, Antioquia: a corpse caused stupor among the people who, when they went through the sector, explain the presence

Little is known about his identity, he had no documents to prove it. It is now known that it is a man of about 25 to 30 years, who was left in the sector after his death in the middle of a bush that was in place.

His body was found with several bullet injuries, which almost blinded his life and apparently, the motives of the act would already be clear: his murderers left behind on his lifeless body a warning where he read that he "by violo" was killed, is saying, for rapist.

The authorities were present in the sector for the removal of the corpse and its transfer to the headquarters of Legal Medicine for its necropsy and identification. For now they are busy verifying the found note and the investigation of the case, to determine what really happened.

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