"Having a company in Colombia is a risk sport": Duque

A tax reform that encourages formality was one of the objectives that the President of the Colombians presented at the Andi Congress. In the meantime, the Minister of Finance proposed a "sisben for the rich", in his view, an identification of those who have more to pay the highest taxes.

The President of the Republic, Ivan Duque, closed the third Colombian Business Congress and the 74th Assembly of the Andi, in Cartagena. Before the more than 1,700 businessmen, Duque has ratified its government policy and confirmed that the country has a tax system that does not promote formalization. "Having a company in Colombia is a risky sport," with regard to the fact that informality is the biggest enemy for development.

Regarding the tax reforms that will be implemented, the chief executive spoke about the proposed tax exemption for five years for new companies in the technology sector. The tax issue at the congress of entrepreneurs was one of the subjects that generated the most controversy and discussion. The Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla, spoke of a sort of "Sisben for the rich", in reference to the fact that, just as there is a census of the most vulnerable and poor people in the country, so that the wealth of the state them Can reach, There is a kind of database, which is in charge of the Dian, who identifies those who have more and therefore can pay the highest taxes.

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Duque, on the other hand, a comparison between Colombia and Spain, said they are two countries with similar population numbers, but that, "Unlike Colombia, where we only have 2.3 million people claiming income, in Spain we have about 20 million, with the same per capita income in Spain (US $ 27,000) we would grow 123 years with 1%. or grow by 7% for 20 years. "

The president, who has been in office for ten days, also stood out in his commitment to fighting corruption and said his government will not interfere with the appointment of the new auditor , which will take place next Monday.

The Congress of the Andi, which ended in Cartagena this evening, had the participation of various ministers and members of the central government. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Andrés Valencia, warned of the need to improve the competitiveness of products such as rice, maize, cotton and milk to get the import under control.

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The director of the national planning department (DNP), Gloria Alonso, has presented a number of guidelines of the new national development plan, which would have the impetus for entrepreneurship as one of the following: the emphasis.

Achieving more connectivity for the country, especially in river affairs, is one of the challenges facing the Transportation portfolio, by Ángela María Orozco, while the Electricaribe crisis was part of the agenda of the Minister of Mines and Energy, María Fernanda Suárez.

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Among other announcements was that of the president of Ecopetrol, Felipe Bayón, who reported on the invasion of solar energy to diversify the energy matrix of the company and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 19659003] We recommend: Ecopetrol ventures into solar energy to supply field in Meta

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