He was looking for his and found a gruesome death: end after & # 39; dagger train & # 39; in the Atlantic

Horror there was the night of last Sunday in the sector of Las Tablitas, in Galapa, Atlántico. Until that moment arrived 28-year-old Alex Polo, who was constantly looking for a number of criminals who had stolen his motorcycle hours earlier.

That man did not want everything to go unpunished and he only searched for justice. He did not go to the authorities' call: guided by his own instinct, he set off to confront those criminals, without knowing that it would prove deadly.

Polo arrived in that part of the congregation and was in fact crossed with the bandits. Immediately he noticed that he was trying to rob him, and he fights with those who were several to prevent anything happening to his motorcycle.

However, everything ended badly: those test subjects pulled sharp knives, which nailed repeatedly into Alex's humanity, which almost immediately lost his life in that place. The authorities carried out the removal of the body and went to the investigation to clarify what happened and to find the killer.

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