Imagine too much for the saint

"St. Anthony of Padua and the child Jesus are no longer the same", repeat with astonishment and dismay the believers of Soledad's patron.

"It was not the same, he no longer has an angelic face, his features are strong," says Patricia Rosales, who has prayed for more than 20 years before the high altar of Soledad's church.

"They do too much make-up, especially the lips and eyes," says former minister of Culture Giovanni Montero, who was one of those who spread the images that caused uproar in Catholic sovereigns.

Both Rosales and Montero refer to the new image of San Antonio de Padua after being subjected to a general restoration for several months.

The photographs of the saint have begun to circulate through social networks and the remarks are not favorable for the works to which the famous "beloved saint" was subjected.

For Montero, the new image is a real insult to the religious patrimony of Soledad, for which solemn defenders have made a move to ask for an explanation of the people in charge of the restoration.

"San Antonio brought him to church, but they still do not upload him to the main altar where he stayed for more than 150. The parishioners feel insulted because the saint is the patrimony of the congregation, they have charged her make-up and with the forgiveness of the faithful her lips and eyelids are too painted, "says Montero.

Juan Camilo Duque, expert restorer, was one of the first to respond to Facebook's social network. "This piece dates from the seventeenth century, carved in polychrome wood that until now was in good condition, but was attacked a few months ago by xylophagi (insects) and was sent to repair."

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