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In an accounting found in an operation of the prosecutor against a trafficking network in Cartagena, Bolívar, authorities found details of how 49 women were sexually exploited, including 23 Venezuelans.

Units of the Office of the Prosecution, the Navy and Migration Colombia the Nicolle, Allondra and Chicas Lindas building, located in the area known as Bomba El Amparo in the capital of Bolívar, were occupied, where information was on the presence of women who were subjected to cruel treatment and were forced to offer sexual services.

The owners of the property offered prostitution services, even by social networks, and mentioned the presence of foreigners on the site.

When entering the building, the researchers found discotheques as a front and in the cellars, which were communicated internally, were the women They lived in an area of ​​less than 30 meters and became a prostitute there.

Mario Gómez, prosecutor against the violence of children of the accusing body, said that the network for each client took away a percentage of women and that they then housed, eat and even assumed travel expenses for the concept of silver that they would have borrowed from Venezuela to travel to Cartagena.

Fines of 50,000 pesos were also published in the accounts that the perpetrators imposed on them when they allegedly violated some of their rules.

In between, they demanded a number of clients who had to attend them every day, or they could only be accompanied by the place, and refrain from contact with their loved ones.

"At the end of the day, in many cases they did not even manage to pay the costs that the members of the illegal organization paid to them," said an official source. Even, researchers say, they had their identity documents removed, their communications checked and their movements followed when they left the building, because one of the members of the network that operated them permanently accompanied them.

The organization, says the prosecutor, both in the region & # 39; s of the country and in Venezuela had recruiters who offered their alleged victims job offers in Cartagena, "while they would in fact be forced to offer sexual services."
Once on the site, they were intimidated and thought up what they already owed to the organization, so if they refused to be a prostitute, they had to pay what they owed first.

At the end of the day, in many cases they did not even manage to pay the costs charged by the members of the illegal organization.

The Venezuelan citizens were available to Migración Colombia to verify their entry into the country and to carry out the administrative procedures laid down in the law.

"The victim's consent to any form of exploitation does not constitute grounds for exemption from criminal liability", Said prosecutor Gómez, who indicated that although minors were not found on the site, they were crimes because they were forced and under constant pressure and threats.

The Public Prosecution Service is now taking legal action for the members of the network, who have fulfilled various roles within the organization, of the recruiters who operated them on the site and who were responsible for the crime of trafficking in human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation. , for which they could pay penalties up to 23 years in prison.

The processes of extinction of property over the buildings in which the three institutions operated and which will be in the hands of the state were also initiated.

The operation is part of the Prosecutor's Offensive against prostitution in Cartagena, where the first phase was carried out to capture 18 people, including Liliana del Carmen Campos, also known as Madame, one of the biggest pimps in the country. region and accused of crimes of human trafficking, conspiracy to commit a crime and induction of prostitution in a minor.

Similarly, the Office of the Prosecution, with the support of international authorities, seeks the capture of four foreigners, two Americans, an Argentinian and a German accused of visiting the illegal services of the organization and sexual abuse of minors who to be the victim of the dark network of pimps.

The Public Prosecution Service also received an arrest warrant against the Israeli Assi Moosh, investigated for the sexual exploitation of Taganga in Santa Marta, Magdalena.

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