In Ayapel they catch 17 people for illegal mining DE UNIVERSELE

In an operation carried out by troops of the Eleventh Brigade, in collaboration with the air force, police and prosecution, 17 people were imprisoned in illegal mining in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Ayapel, south of Córdoba.

According to what the commander of the brigade, Colonel Gabriel Marín Peñalosa, had indicated, they managed to deliver the strongest and most powerful battle against the sources of criminal financing of the armed group Clan del Golfo, originating from the illegal exploitation of mine deposits. in what is going on running from 2018.

The incident took place in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Ayapel, the Trejos creek, east of the department of Córdoba, where the soldiers, guided by military intelligence, at various strategic points disembarked, which surprised the people who at that time performed the illegal extraction work.

He confirmed that the operation also happened autes 13 dredges, 3 excavators, 3 engines and 3 mining production, which would belong to the criminal gang that commits crimes in the area.

In total, the neutralized machinery is estimated at approximately 2,500 million pesos and is estimated to generate approximately 300 million pesos per month, which would feed the criminal apparatus of that organized armed group, the officer of the Eleventh Brigade.

"The main result of this result is that it was possible to stop the serious environmental damage that was carried out without disruption with the excessive use of mercury and elements that caused damage to the flora, fauna and water sources," said the official , adding that the Ciénaga de Ayapel is an environmental attraction of the country and was declared Ramsar Wetland for its ecological importance, particularly as regards the protection of migratory water birds.

According to this could be established, the prisoners would have been dominated over 640 hectares and it is estimated that this effect will be about 64,000 million pesos.

The detained persons were left at the disposal of the competent authorities for the crimes of illegal use of natural resources in heterogeneous competition with environmental damage and environmental pollution, he said finally.

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