"It is arbitrary": Petro by decision of the CNE

The ex-mayor of Bogota assured himself that he would take legal action so that his political movement could join the legal status denied by the National Electoral Council.

Gustavo Petro denounced electoral fraud in favor of Colombia Justa-Libre.Archive-El Espectador

As an arbitrary attempt to prevent the opposition to the government from having political rights, Senator Gustavo Petro considered the decision of the National Electoral Council to deny the legal status of Human Colombia for the time being., important groups of citizens who promoted the presidential nomination of the former mayor of Bogotá and brought him to the senate as a spokesperson for the opposition.

Read about the decision of the CNE to give Colombia Humana no legal status

"The National Electoral Council consists of representatives of the main major parties in Colombia. At this moment everyone is with the government of Duque, and they are the ones that solve if we have a legal status or not, if we are a movement of eight million voters with representation in the senate, that is, the conditions that the Constitution and the law determines to have legal status, "said the opposition leader against the government.

The former mayor of Bogotá was emphatically in the decision of the CNE to refuse the presentation of magistrate Armando Novoa, who requested him to grant the status of Colombia Humana because he obtained more than eight million votes and was represented in Congress by the Republic. Conditions required by law for access to this source. "They deny without arguments to destroy guarantees for an opposition to the government they represent, it is a randomness and leads little by little until the construction becomes a tyranny."

Petro returns to the Senate after the second place in the presidential competition

And although the decision is provisional because those who have denied legal status have not received the necessary majorities, Petro has no greater hope in the electoral authority. "The next National Electoral Council will also have majorities from the political representatives of the government. President Duque as a proposal for political reform, which he asks, is to strengthen the CNE by giving it autonomy to the government. I mean, Allow the grand electoral referee of Colombia to be theirs and not give transparency to democracy. Do not give guarantees to the other forces that want to participate in the political decisions of the country, "he said.

Therefor, the ex-mayor of Bogota announced that he will go to judicial authorities to defend the political rights of his movement. "We will go to court because, although no decision has been taken, we know that five of the representatives of these parties have spoken out against the decision to give us legal status." Political rights are fundamental and because they are violated, there are legal ways to demand them, "concludes the Senator.

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