New recording by network of chuzadas that Senator Benedetti would have hired


The alleged involvement was the link between ex-officers of the public power who intercepted the calls and the congressman, according to the prosecution.

Senator of U-party Armando Benedetti.archive

The public prosecutor has arrested lawyer Diego Mauricio Rayo for the last few hours for allegedly being involved in an illegal scaling network, apparently organized by Senator Armando Benedetti, a fact investigated by the entity.

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The evidence, according to preliminary information, indicates that Rayo was the connection between the people who intercepted the calls (ex-officers of the Public Force) and the congressman.

According to the prosecutor's office, preliminary hearings are taking place tomorrow.

The investigation also led to names like Juan Carlos Madero, who was in charge of looking for clients and who had been the first contact with the senator, and Colonel (r) Jorge Humberto Salinas, owner of the company that was in charge about the service.

In total, the entity found 175 illegal followers on the computer of the hacker, María Alicia Pinzón Montenegro.

The Public Prosecution Service announced halfway this month that it collected evidence for the alleged participation of the congressman in "chuzadas" to lawyer Jaime Lombana and to the Prosecutor General himself and his wife. The organization has two important testimonies regarding Benedetti, as well as other documentary evidence and telephone mechanisms.

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The senator asked for copies to be made against him and that the Supreme Court, "his natural judge", is investigating him. Moreover, he has denied the accusations at various times and stated that his involvement in this matter is a personal matter, "again the same scheme is repeated, they give benefits to those who talk about Benedetti," he said.

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