So it became alias "Pichi Belén", head of "the Office"

The most wanted man in Medellín -Juan Carlos Castro, alias "Pichi Belén", considered the successor to alias "Tom" – he had spent four days enjoying a farm in Playas del Francés, municipality of Tolú, Sucre, when he was taken prisoner by the authorities.

The General Jorge Nieto, commander of the National Police, explained that the man had left Medellín to flee the police operations, but was followed by 10 intelligence people who placed him in the private buildings. "Yesterday he drank in the liquor until 4:00 am and we had teams that allowed us to see what was happening there." In the afternoon the order was given for the intervention, "he said.

"Pichi Belén" was accompanied by three other men who were "reduced" by the police. In his possession, a gun was found until 2021 with legal permission for his influence. "We're investigating why someone so badly wanted safe behavior," he said. Claudia Carrasquilla, National director against organized crime, from the prosecutor's office.

According to the police investigation, "Pichi Belén" took over control of "the office" in December 2017, after which Juan Carlos Mesa Vallejo, known as "Tom", was captured. "Since then, he has been responsible for leading various criminal alliances for international cocaine trafficking and the development of criminal expansion strategies," the police reported.

According to public prosecutor Carrasquilla he was the oldest man in the structure who still enjoyed freedom. In addition, he led the military wing of the Office & # 39; and was the right hand of & # 39; Tom & # 39 ;. " He was in prison in 2013 for conspiracy to commit a crime and had been face to face with the authorities, as he was next to two other members of the criminal structure when they were imprisoned: alias "Camellete" (May 2017). ) and alias "Soto" (March 2018).

Today he will be presented before a judge of control of guarantees and will be asked to send him to prison while being prosecuted for the crimes of an aggravated conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, murder and forced displacement.

The police indicate that he will lead 6 of the 10 most important integrated criminal organizations of Narco trafficking in human beings (Odín) of the Aburrá valley, with about 650 direct supervisors and another 1400 indirectly.

The president Iván Duque He celebrated the capture and said that "this result (in the context of the shock plan & # 39; He who earns the reward & # 39;) will contribute to more peace of mind to the inhabitants of Valle de Aburrá."

The Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, He said that operations will continue against this and other structures. "We are going to invest in the modernization of public power (…) and we are restructuring the citizen participation network so that we all contribute to creating exceptional security conditions".

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