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Missed a room for two in the afternoon of this Thursday the alarm went off in the pavilion three of the patio Eron de La Picota. And although the Inpec guards initially believed it was a fight, they found three people dead in a cell upon arrival. Two of the bodies were wounded with a knife, and the third would have hanged himself.

Among the fallen was Jesús Alberto Martínez Durán, who had injuries with a sharp weapon and one of the false witnesses was in the murder case. from the student Luis Andrés Colmenares, on October 31, 2010, in El Virrey Park, in the north of Bogotá.

The events surrounding the three deaths in prison are still a matter of investigation. However, one of the hypotheses used in prison is that Guillermo Bolaños – a prisoner who was sentenced to 37 years for kidnapping – Martínez and Víctor Eduardo Mejía, another prisoner, with a knife would have killed and then had hanged himself

But another version would indicate that a prisoner entered the cell and ended the lives of the three prisoners. Even, it is not excluded that the prisoners were among the effects of psychoactive substances.

One death in detention centers is absolutely unacceptable

On Thursday, once the situation was known in La Picota, the new Deputy Minister of Criminal Politics, Juan Francisco Espinosa, went to that prison to personally attend the case. "A single death in detention centers is absolutely unacceptable," the official said.

The Ministry of Justice and Inpec, meanwhile, said in a statement that "it will be judged if there was responsibility of those responsible for the control and safety of the detention center."

But so far, neither the Inpec nor the ministry have commented on how the events occurred in which Martínez Durán and the other two prisoners died.

The false witness in the Colmenares case was imprisoned on 17 January. of 2013 and served a prison sentence of 16 years in prison, for two trials. The first, 10 years old, was for the theft of a vehicle in Barranquilla. The other is in the case of the death of the university student, a trial in which Martinez became a witness for the public prosecutor's office.

During the hearings, Martínez had reported how he witnessed various young people on 31 October 2010, including Carlos Cárdenas, colmnes and put him in a dark truck. Even the false witness had offered a reminder with photos, but he never delivered that proof to the process.

Moreover, according to the judge of the case at the time he sentenced him for procedural fraud and false testimony, "in the exercise of verification contradictions were verified by other means of knowledge."

For the Colmenares case, some of the false witnesses have been convicted. Martinez had completed five years in prison.

In the coming hours it is expected that the tests of legal medicine will contribute to the determination of the causes of the dead in the prison of La Picota.


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