The home of the & # 39; Madame & # 39; from Cartagena was an exreina

With the mega-operation exposing the network of prostitution in Cartagena, the Public Prosecutor decided to thoroughly examine every detail that Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello connected with the prostitution network that entered Cartagena.

In the megaoperativo, 18 national and foreign proxenity leaders who were appointed to prostitute more than 250 women, many of them, minors.

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These women were forced to work in the historic center of Cartagena, so the Clock Tower and the Plaza de los Coches were the favorite places.

The & # 39; Madame & # 39; was responsible for spreading the places and times. But that was not her only crime, the defendant has a criminal record for heroin transmission and illegal residence and access to the United States.

With the complaint of where the & # 39; Madame & # 39; lived, an extra piece of information was released. The house is from Kelly Patricia Marrugo González, a popular exreina of Cartagena.

As reported by El Espectador, this address also corresponded with Cartagena Fantasy Services S.A.S. which had as "recreational activities and relaxation, transport in different modalities, stay in aparthotels and receptive tourism".

"Kelly Patricia Marrugo is 35 years old and an accountant, she has been a model, Miss Turismo Universe, Águila Girl and an entertainment presenter of the Cartagena Channel, today she is Queen of the Americas and shareholder, legal representative and manager of Hotel Entre Lomas, located in Arroyo de Piedra, on the road Barranquilla-Cartagena, whose power exceeds $ 1,000 million, "reports El Espectador.

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