The visit of the lawyer Diego Cadena to the witness Juan Guillermo Monsalve in La Picota

El Espectador reveals parts of the conversation in prison by Juan Guillermo Monsalve, the convicted Enrique Pardo and the lawyer Diego Cadena. The lawyer has already testified for the prosecutor's office. Uribe will go to court on 3 September.

Last Thursday, August 23, lawyer Diego Cadena went to the prosecutor's office to hear him in the trial that was opened against him on July 24, in the famous case against former president Álvaro Uribe, also investigated for the alleged crimes of bribery and procedural fraud. Upon his arrival at the investigative body, lawyer Cadena publicly stated that no witnesses were ever manipulated and that Monsalve was the one who sent them to search for him.

Of course, Cadena referred to the witness Juan Guillermo Monsalve, one of the two former paramilitaries who pointed to former President Uribe and his brother Santiago Uribe that he had ties with the paramilitaries. The same day of judicial zeal Cadena insisted that the day of his meeting in the prison with Monsalve, about 30 centimeters away and very low tone, the character told him: "I'm sorry, I want to retire, I want to apologize to Uribe and his family".

The Spectator He knew the recording that made Monsalve testify to his meeting with the lawyer Cadena on 22 February by means of a special clock. That document, one of the instructions that the Supreme Court of Justice ordered on 24 July, takes 18 minutes. Despite the oscillation of the images and the technical problems of audio, he lets Monsalve listen in the first place, claiming that they wanted to condemn him and that he could do nothing else. Suddenly Cadena Monsalve asks about his brother and where he works. He answers that in a Canadian company in Gramalote, but ask not to be touched.

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At that time, the image describes how two lawyers Jaime Lombana and María Mercedes Williamson say goodbye to two far away from Cadena and Monsalve in another part of the visiting room. When the two are left alone, Enrique Pardo Hasche, who is known to serve 29 years in prison for the kidnapping of businessman Eduardo Puyana, takes part in the conversation. Then the conversation begins with the remark of Chain that will not mislead people if you need a benefit.

Pardo enters the interview and asks if it has turned out to be the GEP. Lawyer Cadena continues to say no because he does not meet the requirements, and Monsalve completes the problem by stating that he has addressed a request to the JEP and they have rejected it. Sometimes the conversation becomes inaudible. After Monsalve says that everything he does is the prison for him. But Pardo takes the word to Monsalve, time after time, the benefits of switching to the other side to assert, with the guarantee to receive help.

& # 39; What motherfucker can you solve with Cepeda, man? Besides the fact that he calls the director of Inpec and leads him from one place to another, it does not happen there. On the other hand, the other gentleman helps him", Says Pardo Hasche and then he hears saying:"They're going to put lawyers, important people, prosecutors, that kind of pods"The detainee repeats Monsalve that the only thing he will get is to change his cell and nothing else, but that Uribe will be behind him in the course of time and will also help him.

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The recording marks the minute 10.18 when the lawyer Cadena is heard, with a cautious tone, to say that it is not that he gives a psychological treatment to Monsalve, but that the team is limited to the family problem and to what matters. has been without work This last remark follows Monsalve's repeated claims that his wife had lost his job. However, the conversation takes a different turn when Pardo intervenes to insist that he, clearly referring to former president Uribe, never received the letter.

So Cadena enters the subject and adds that he (Uribe) says that he never received the letter (of withdrawal) and that he told him to tell with whom he had sent it because he never received it. After these considerations about the document that they expected Monsalve to write, Pardo again intervenes to declare: "It seems to me that you gave yourself to that gentleman and he guarantees that he will help you, that you will get lost, that you will get benefits, that you will get it in less time, you know how the pod is.".

Then he says: "We need two engineers." Chain asks why and Pardo adds that when a person is convicted, the way out of prison meets the penalty or with two engineers to make a tunnel. Monsalve does not seem to like the remarks and says: "They captured me because of the formation of paramilitary groups." Pardo asks: "And a review? Brother, with those bastards from there." Monsalve asks which one and Pardo repeats: "Those of the Court".

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In the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice, in which the former president was convicted of the alleged crimes of bribery and procedural fraud, it is emphasized that one of the offers by lawyer Cadena to Monsalve for his withdrawal was simply to submit a review procedure for the Supreme Court, without costs of fees.

After another inaudible moment Cadena hears: "I do not want him to exert the slightest pressure" and asks him if he has the next morning to do something cortico. Seconds later Pardo grabs again and literally expresses: "What you need is that the gentleman says that he was under pressure to say so. Not that it says it's fake"Cadena adds:" And it was true that he trusted an illegal promise. "Monsalve interrupts saying:"With what they have brought me I reach Uribe Noguera up to 58 years".

Everyone laughs and Pardo says: "Right now is what you have to do …", and Cadena adds: "Break the ice". Later, he says: "What I am saying is that tomorrow he made the call at the beginning of the day and that is more important than all the explanations that were needed." In a tenacious position, Pardo says, "If it does not happen, we will be sewn", and then he says: "Although there is no point, everything is possible".

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The lawyer Cadena agrees with Pardo's comment with a concise expression: "Of course, of course". At the end, and before saying goodbye, Pardo's voice is heard: "At the moment they are only talking about closing the research No more That means nothing until now." After a few short seconds The video ends with Monsalve's remark: "I wrote a girl from The Spectator and I did not want to leave. What if I would give an interview? The Spectator"So far, the dialogue known to this newspaper, which in detail the lawyer Diego Cadena had to explain to the prosecutor.

The next 3 September to go to court is the former president Álvaro Uribe. Congressman Hernán Prada has to do it the next day. Both for the Supreme Court. Prior, in circles close to the two congressmen, it is known that his position will be the same as that raised by lawyer Diego Cadena after his admission to the public prosecution on 23 August. That is, it was Monsalve who sought them with the intention of explaining and repeating his allegations to Uribe.

Diego Cadena stressed that day: "Juan Guillermo Monsalve has looked for us by a number of people whom I am going to explain and show in the zeal, we have not looked for it, he was looking for different people to listen to him." Now he changes the version of events, that is all I can say now. "In the days to come, we will know the determination of the Prosecution, as well as in the case of other persons connected to the cause. The Supreme Court will do the same with the congressmen.

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