These are the 46 Transmilenio stations that will be expanded

The works, which will end in 2020, require an investment of the order of $ 110 billion. The goal is to condition stations for the functioning of bi-articulates.

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In an attempt to condition stations for the operation of bi-articulated buses, the Urban Development Institute (IDU) from Bogotá announced that it is progressing studies and designs for the extension of 46 Transmilenio stations.

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According to the administration, the works are part of a plan reduce congestion within stations due to the high demand and modernization of public transport. In addition to the expansion of the 46 stations, the project includes works in three lockers. At the moment, progress is being made in feasibility studies, design and construction of the works by means of four contracts.

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The IDU indicated that the work package sources in the order of the $ 110 billion. These works have been added to the extension of the already completed Transmilenio South Portal and Portal and the designs for the extension of the Tunal Portal, which ended at the end of November last year.

The first contract, which started last February and ends in June 2020, covers the following stations:

NQS trunk

-Estacion Simón Bolívar

-U.N. National station

– CAD station

-Estacion Ricaurte


-Nariño station

-Fuel station

– Olaya station

-Stacion Quiroga

Suction station

-Consolation station


-Suba TV. 91



-Humedal Córdoba

-Place long

-San Martin Station

80th Street

– God & # 39; s Minute Station


-School Military


Puente Aranda


-Gral. Santander

-av. El Dorado

North Highway


-Pepe Sierra

-Street 127

The second contract started this month and will end in March 2020. It covers the following stations:


Santa Isabel

-30 south

-38 South




– From the savannah

-CDS Carrera 32

-Industrial zone

-Career 43

The third contract will begin in October and is expected to close in December 2019. It covers:

Av. Suba

-Nice 127

-Street 95

-Rio Negro

-Suba Street 100

80th Street

-Care 47

-av. 68

Finally, the fourth contract includes nine stations and in December the feasibility studies for the expansion will start. Construction will end in June 2020.

Caracas south section

-Street 40 South

-Estacion Restrepo

Av. Suba

-21 Angels

-Suba Avenida Boyacá

-Shaio Station

80th Street

-Stage Station 90

-av. Boyacá

-City of Cali



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