They capture four people who would have participated in the murder of Álvaro Torres – Bogotá

The police indicated that they could belong to the gang that attacked the official of the Banrepublic.

Barrio La Paz Centro

Barrio La Paz center, where the official of the Banco de la República was murdered.


August 21, 2018, 11:24 am

General Hoover Penilla, commander of the Metropolitan Police in Bogota, confirmed that a few hours ago, four people were arrestedAs belonging to the criminal structure that attacked the official of the Bank of the Republic, Álvaro Torres, in the La Paz district last Thursday, August 9th.

As confirmed by the officer, these people had criminal influence in this neighborhood of the city, alongside other areas such as the historic center and the Monserrate sector.

The recordings were made for about 20 criminal acts that these subjects would have done and the investigations, explained General Hoover Penilla, were able to prove that they were at Torres at the time of the attack.

According to what the Bogota police commander had expressed, three other people could be killed in the next few hours. The people who are being read have followed the trail because they also participated in the murder that shook the city.


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