They collect signatures to prevent that limitation in race 33 is permanently Bucaramanga

Iván Cárdenas, one of the traders who collected signatures, assured that there is concern that "this pilot plan in the future will cause the authorities to take the decision to limit the number of vehicles in the race as in 15" was done.

Cardenas added: "Cabecera's trade would be zero, let's look at career 15, trade is not going very well, there is uncertainty and it often looks dirty."

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"Most people are so relaxed with the activity because the authorities have not developed another day without a car." What many do not analyze is that this plan could bring the idea to leave it permanently, "Cardenas said.

From 7.00 am to 3.00 am & # 39; In the afternoon, the merchant said, they managed to collect more than 200 signatures that will help submit a right of petition to various local authorities.

"We collect the forms to try and submit this document as quickly as possible to the Mayor of Bucaramanga, Rodolfo Hernandez, to the Directorate for Traffic, the secretariat of the planning and also to the municipal ombudsman, to guarantee our rights."

Andrés Cárdenas, another trader in the area, also said that the permanent implementation of the measure would be "absurd". According to him, "in this sector the square meter is sold very expensive, and we would be the ones that would eventually lose".

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During a guided tour, discovered that more than three parking lots on this important corridor had 33 members of the consequences of the restriction day in Carre. Even, about 10:00 in the morning, Luis Ángel Mercado, one of the owners of these establishments have chosen to close it.

"A normal day at 8 a.m. in the morning at least 40 motorcycles arrived, but according to today's standards no one has come in. It was already a day of loss for us," he said.

If the measure is favorable, it would be implemented: transit

The director of Traffic of Bucaramanga, Germán Torres Prieto, told that, if the results of this day are favorable, "we will submit this measure in a coordinated way with authorities, unions, citizens and the media to make a permanent decision" .

Although the traffic controller described the activity as satisfactory, the real results would be delivered from the day to next week. "Today we will analyze the situation in the 33, then we will consolidate the information well and we will announce it with more certainty".

In recent days, Torres Prieto said that, in order to make a final decision, they should do more studies to help determine the determination.

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