They condemn sexual abuse and disappearances of Venezuelans on the road between Cúcuta and Bucaramanga

This information was confirmed by the representative of Bucaramanga, Omar Ochoa, who stated that "UN deputies accompanied Venezuelans on the access roads to the city and possible cases of sexual abuse, trafficking and disappearances during the tour".

Ochoa Maldonado said that although no details are known about this type of crime, "the UN gathers this kind of information through interviews with Venezuelan citizens during the voyage." The official announced that a report of these complaints has been prepared to be handed over to the police, the prosecution and other authorities. The idea is that a rigorous investigation is started and checks are carried out to prevent this type of crime taking place on this path.

What does the police say?

Colonel Jaime Escobar, commander of the Santander police, said that there is no report of these cases and invited those who know how they appear to report them to the relevant entities.

There are no complaints, but we know that something is going on: Venezuelans

Alba Pereira, spokesman for Venezuelans in Bucaramanga, warned that "although there are no formal complaints about the abuse and disappearances on this route, there are many rumors that these crimes are taking place." More and more migrants are talking about it. "

According to Pereira, last week, a group of boys arrived and told us that a man on a motorbike on his way to Bucaramanga offered one of the girls to take his papers, saying that she was on the vehicle the previous Tuesday and nothing more knew her. & # 39;

The spokeswoman added that "we have known of cases where vehicles arrive at the Waterpark to provide those who work there on farms and nothing has been heard, many arrive without telephones and their communication is certainly lost".

According to versions of Venezuelan citizens, "because many of us have no papers in order, we are afraid to denounce it, because maybe if we do it, we will deport." It is very difficult for an undocumented person to believe what he says. "

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