They investigate the murder of a professional soldier in Barbosa, Antioquia ELESPECTADOR.COM

The 30-year-old man who took a permit to visit his family was killed by strangers in the village of La Victoria.

Edgar Orlando Orrego Pineda, 30, was attached to a military unit in the Caquetá department. archive

The events took place in the La Victoria district of the municipality of Barbosa, north of the Aburrá valley (Antioquia). Edgar Orlando Orrego Pineda, a professional soldier, took out a permit Visit his family when he was apparently killed by two armed men in rural areas.

Edgar Orlando Orrego Pineda, 30, He was assigned to a military unit in the Caquetá department.

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Colonel Juan Carlos Rodríguez, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police has announced that the respective investigations are being carried out. clarify the facts that ended the life of the soldier.

Colonel Rodriguez explained that apparently, Orrego had requested the transport service from a motorbike driver in the village of La Victoria when he was intercepted. by two persons who forced him to step out of the vehicle to shoot him and thereby kill him.

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The authorities continue to hold interviews in the sector and know the relatives of the soldier if the man had been threatened in previous days.

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