To the prison, assassin of the official of the government of Cundinamarca

A judge in Bogotá imposed a prison sentence on Amaury García Berrocal, imprisoned for the murder of Luis Carlos Castillo. Prosecutor accused him of accusations of aggravated murder and illegal possession of weapons.

On the afternoon of this Friday, a judge from Bogotá has instituted security measures against it Amaury García Berrocal, who was captured on Thursday for murdering the official Luis Carlos Castillo in the interior of Cundinamarca.

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In the middle of the audience, the office of the public prosecutor he accused Garcia of the crimes of aggravated murder and illegal possession of weaponsbecause yesterday afternoon he entered the government food court and fired four times against Castrillo, who died immediately on the spot.

According to the prosecution, in the course of the morning, García, known as alias Niche, declared that he was part of the Gulf Clan and that "the person against whom the murder was directed was not the one who was eventually dead. "

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The first versions indicate that the victim would be demobilized from the AUC in Cundinamarca, who works as a peace manager in the departments and enters the interior at least once a week.

Information known to the radio station Blu Radio indicates that alias & # 39; Niche & # 39; I had visited the building one day before the attack looking for information from the demobilized, for whose offense the allegedly the Clan del Golfo would have offered $ 500 million.

The murderer was imprisoned in 2012 and accused of being the head of assassins of the Urabeños in Córdoba. For this reason, in March 2013 he was sentenced to four years in prison for the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime. The sentence ended on June 2, 2016, but despite being released, Garcia received another four years in prison for the same offense, pronounced by the specialized court of Villavicencio.

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