Vía Bogotá-Villavicencio remains blocked; more than $ 100 billion costs intervention in 21 critical points

-Use other ways, by the Sisga and the Boyacá department is the only alternative for users of the Bogotá-Villavicencio motorway that remain closed for an indefinite period due to landslides that are 21 points and whose intervention will require an investment of more than 100 billion pesos as reported by the Ministry of Transport.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, the Governadora del Meta and the manager of Coviandes met on Monday to view the emergency plans.

There are seven departments that are affected by the closure of the road corridor.

"We attack 26,500 thousand cubic meters of mud and soil that fell on the road," said Deputy Minister Manuel Gutierrez.

He added that in order to attend the rehabilitation work of the critical points on the road, it will be necessary to use the funds available in the project for nearly 160 billion pesos.

"We are very concerned about what has just happened, it is a fact derived from the winter wave and the human intervention as a result of the change in land use, a landslide like this did not happen more than 25 years ago. (Sunday) fell, caused avalanches and blocked the road.About $ 100,000 million costs the intervention of 21 critical points to solve the Bogota-Villavicencio route, "said Gutierrez, who was accompanied in a meeting with the governor of Meta, Marcela Amaya García, and the manager of the concession, Alberto Mariño.

"The road is closed and I want to be very clear, the road does not open until the necessary safety conditions exist, we take all the necessary measures, we hope to take a step as soon as possible," emphasized Deputy Minister Gutiérrez. "We went from two critical points, to kilometers 46 and 64 + 200 to 21 critical points, and we have the challenge to remove around 26,500 cubic meters of earth that fell on the road." The avalanche in Guayabetal left the loss of some houses behind. Some people had to get down from the mountain, they took refuge in the tunnels and that's fine, and given the fact that this fact occurs, we can not leave the Llano blocked. "

He added that with General William Salamanca, Director of the Traffic and Transport Police (DITRA), he reinforced surveillance in two corridors: the Sogamoso-Yopal road, for heavy loads, and the Aguaclara-El Sisga road for light freight.

Governor Amaya made a special request to the national government to solve the problems at various points. "Today we ask for an emergency plan to solve the problems and we place an order so that the airlines that can come to our department more often and the ticket prices are more accessible to the community." Casanare, Arauca, Vichada, Meta, Guavire, Guainía, Vaupés are the departments that suffer from this closure of the road. "

Similarly, the manager of the Coviandes dealer, Alberto Mariño Samper, counted the works in the various points. "We have 60 people at work, backhoes, 25 dump trucks, we have attacked three fronts, one from kilometer 31, on the variant from Cáqueza to Villavicencio, a second front from the sector of Pipiral and up to kilometer 64, and a third point. that starts in Guayabetal, Mesa Grande and goes to miles 64 + 200, which is our most critical point ".

Two alternative ways

Taking into account the recurring rain and bad weather in the Vía al Llano, which cause a total unrestricted closure, the Police Transition and Transport Department has deployed a special device to guarantee the mobility of road users on 2 alternative routes. .

Route 1: Bogotá – Autopista Norte – Sisga – Machetá – Guateque – Santa María – San Luis de Gaceno – The secret – Aguaclara – Villanueva – Upía Canyon – Paratebueno – Cumaral – Restrepo – Villavicencio. (Estimated time 8 hours: keep in mind that there are several work fronts with an alternative passage in this corridor).

Route 2: Bogotá – Tunja – Paipa – Duitama – Tibasosa – Sogamoso – Pajarito – Aguazul – Tauramena – Monterrey – Upía Canyon – Paratebueno – Cumaral – Restrepo – Villavicencio (Estimated time: 11 hours)

The 21 critical points

1. Quebrada Estaqueca, Km 46 + 000 Vehicle bridge without rails and completely filled with the structure at the creek of the creek.
2. Broken partridges New bridge of sector 3 influences the foundations 50 + 500 km.
3. Connection Monterredondo via new. Km 51 + 000 Approximate amount of slip material 500 m3.
4. Tunnel 12, sector 3A, km 56 + 300 of the new road.
5. Large table sector, km 57 + 000 Approximate amount of material that shifts 1,000 m3.
6. Km58 + 100 Approximate amount of material slip 5.000 m3
7. 60 + 600 Exit tunnel gallery 16 Estimated volume material slipping 1,000 m3
8. Old Chirajara bridge, stirrup Villavicencio km Km 62 + 590
9. Km 62 + 590 Estimated volume volume of slip material 500 m3
10. Footpath predicted in Guayabetal
11. Km63 + 040 Estimated amount of slip material 1,000 m3
12. Broken dry bridge between tunnel 13 and 14, works in accordance with phase 9 sector 4.
13. Km65 + 500 Approximate amount of slip material 1,000 m3
14. Km66 + 300 Rated slip volume of 1500 m3
15. Km66 + 500 Approximate material slip 3,500 m3
16. Km66 + 600 Approximate material slip material 2.000 m3
17. Km67 + 000 Estimated volume issue material 1,800 m3
18. Km67 + 250 Rated slip volume of 3.000 m3
19. Km67 + 960 Estimated volume volume material 900 m3
20. Km68 + 600 Estimated amount of material slip 1,000 m3
21. Km70 + 000 Estimated volume of slip material 1,300 m3

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